Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WPF MediaElement Requires Updated Windows Media Player

I just spent several baffled hours trying to figure out why some WPF media playback code that worked just fine on my previous computer was failing to work on my new computer.

It turns out that it wasn't my code at all. It seems that the WPF MediaElement control (which is used to play content using Windows Media Player) doesn't work with WMP version 9 (which is what came installed on my new PC).

Upgrading to the latest (version 11) fixed the problem.


  1. do you know, if i can deploy the required WMP files within my application to play video files without having WMP installed?


  2. Nope - it is runtime integration. You must have WMP installed for playback to work.

  3. My application uses MediaElement and I have Media Player 11 installed, but the app throws an exception saying "Not enough memory to playback the file..." or something like that.
    Any ideas?