Saturday, October 8, 2011

First stab at box art for Block Zombies

Block Zombies Box Art

As part of putting together a playtest build of Block Zombies I took an initial shot at doing some box art. I'm going for something simple, but (hopefully) eye-catching.


  1. Nice. Maybe I'd have these comments :
    - the background could have a bit more details (but not too much)
    - the game name could be bigger (for the 1st word), and not so close to the edges (for the 2nd word)
    - the character tool looks phallic :)
    - don't you want to also show your developer name?

    What do you think about my box art ? ->

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Maximinus. I agree that the 1st word of the title should be bigger - right now it is only smaller because of perspective (I captured it from in-game).

    Your box art looks good - I really like the background. I'm assuming the game uses pixel art?

  3. Definitely pixel art : I checked out your youtube, and I really like how you care about the details of the overall presentation : the news footage, the environmental effects ...

  4. I checked out your video - looks like fun!