Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bike Gameplay Video

Here is a short video showing the current state of my bike game.

The physics is not quite where I want it yet, I need a real motorbike engine sound, and I need a more interesting track (currently I'm using the track path I showed in my previous post with some "humps" added in along the route to make things a bit more interesting).

Progress is being made, though.


  1. Plan is for the camera to mimic a sidescroller then? Would you get a little bit more preview of the track ahead?

    Either way, sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon on the couch in front of the Xbox

  2. Yeah - the bike is actually constrained to the path. The camera is current rotatable around the bike, so you can get any angle you want.

    My physics simulation is actually in 2D and is mapped into the 3D space of the world.