Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kung Fu FIGHT! Windows Playtest Build

Block Village

You can download the Kung Fu FIGHT! playtest build here:

Kung Fu FIGHT! Windows Playtest

I think it should run pretty much anywhere. You just need .NET 2.0 (which comes with both Vista and Windows 7) and OpenGL drivers (which most systems should have). If for some reason you don't have .NET 2.0, you can get it here.

Any feedback is most welcome - give it a try, and let me know what you think.


  1. So far it's working and fun (PC). I really suck tho :)

  2. It is definitely not an easy game. You quickly get better with repeated play, though. I'm certainly no expert twitch gamer and I've gotten pretty good at it.

  3. Ok, so here are some stats to go with it:
    Play Time: 2:50
    Deaths: 11
    Max Distance: 561

    Also I got the "Bad Houseguest" trophy on my first box smash. Later when viewing my trophies, it says I need to have broken at least 15 things.

    Also not sure if it's supposed to, but it doesn't save trophies between plays.

    - Ben "Warspawn" Sparks

  4. The trophies get "unlocked" when you begin to satisfy them, but aren't awarded until you finish.

    I'm not doing any game saves yet - hope to get to that this week.

    Thanks for giving it a go!

  5. Question: Why not use XNA for the windows version? Did you have to port your game in order to get it on XBLIG? Just curious...

  6. I have a windows XNA build, too. I just wanted the fewest possible dependencies. It is more likely that people will play something if it just works and they don't have to run installers.