Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playable Credits and a Boss Battle

Playable Credits

Kung Fu FIGHT! is shaping up nicely. I've tightened up the gameplay to reduce repetition, eliminated unfair death scenarios, increased the number of trophies to seven and added a boss battle.

I've also added in playable credits. I always credit playtesters in my games, so give me some feedback to get your name in there.

Kung Fu FIGHT! Windows Playtest Build

Kung Fu FIGHT! Playtest on XBLIG App Hub


  1. the playable credits is a neat idea, it's hard though! so I may never get to see everyone who's contributed to the games' glory :)

  2. I think I'll add an option to allow you to just watch the credits. You get a trophy if you get to the end, though :-)

  3. Great idea, it's nice to see an Indie dev putting playtesters in the Credits.