Thursday, March 10, 2011

Splash Screens and a New Trailer

Games have to have splash screens, so I've been working on that a bit lately. Here they are in a new Kung Fu FIGHT! gameplay trailer.

While still not perfect (30fps is less than ideal), I've been able to coax much better video quality out of youtube. The key is to downsample to 30fps (29.97 to be precise) before uploading and using a downsampling method that blends the frames. The result is a bit blurry, but that is no where near as annoying a choppiness.


  1. Will this be for WP7 or a XBLIG? I'm not exactly sure--this game would be great on either, though.

    Kung Fu Fight, to me, looks like a lot of fun--especially since players can utilize the sliding mechanic to their advantage.

  2. Initial release will be on XBLIG, but I've been building the game and the engine it runs on with WP7 and other platforms in mind.