Friday, August 26, 2011

Block Zombies: Dark and Stormy Gameplay

I've been working on adding darkness, thunder and lightning to Block Zombies.

I used a modified version of the technique I used for Kung Fu FIGHT! - tweaking parameters in my bloom shader to do most of the work. Because Block Zombies is 3D, I also mess with the light direction, which does fun things with the shadows when lightning strikes.

Because the effect is just manipulating lighting and bloom parameters, it is basically cost-free. I haven't added in actual rain yet, since that definitely wouldn't be cost-free, and I'm not sure I can afford the extra overhead.

The glowy zombie eyes, windows and sparks are done by reserving a section of my color palette that my shaders recognize and treat as being self-lit.


  1. Wow this is really turning out great!! love the effects!!! Hey do u think you could tell me how the controls work? Like how to switch weapons and use grenades and such? Also are there any power ups or anything like that? Can't wait!

  2. The controls are twin-stick shooter style - you move with the left stick and aim with the right stick. Right trigger fires, left trigger launches grenades/mines/flares and the bumpers and dpad control weapon/item selection.

    You start out with just the pistol, and zombies drop new weapons, items and weapon upgrades in addition to health packs and ammo.

  3. Sounds great! what about level design? Is it just run around and kill till you die, or is there destinations/safe havens you need to get to. I'm more of a safe haven kind of gamer just because it gives you a sense of completion and a rest as opposed to just running around till you die. Either way I'm excited and will definitely be buying this.

  4. The main "story mode" is a series of zones with checkpoints that you progress through. Each zone has a particular style - farm, forest, village, swamp, etc.

  5. AWESOME!!! you make the best indie games HANDS DOWN!!!! I can't wait!!